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The company Tasos Papanastasiou started by his father in 1971 Triantafyllos Papanastasiou based in Galatsi-Lambrini.

The course of the construction contacts Brush Holders breakers and continues today by Tasos Papanastasiou, this gives us exclusivity in these species throughout Greece.

Since 2007, the company operates in Piraeus Maritime, Industrial and Electrical equipment.

We offer commercial and highly qualified technical department to build contacts Brush Holders, Coolers, brass rings, springs (the tined forks) for Brush Holders, rockers of Brush Holders and repair contacts Brush Holders, automatic circuit breakers, RELLE AC power, DC.

Today, it is an experience of 42 years can easily carry out the assignments entrusted trying again to'' grow "having collaborations and conquering new markets.